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business-imagesWe are a group of SAS consultants with more than 20 years of experience in implementing SAS business solutions that help drive business success.

Our SAS powered Business Decision Intelligence Services can help you take your business to the next competitive level.

We specialise in the use of SAS to turn operational data and business intelligence into higher value solutions supporting the essentially human decision making process. Decision making is the single most important activity driving successful business in volatile econonomic markets. With our SAS powered solutions you are in a position to foecast, model, trial and test your business decisions and strategy beforehand against both existing and possible future market situations. This process is ongoing, and our SAS based solutions can support you and help you as you modify your strategy and decision process.

Our experienced consultants are able to help you draw all the support you need from operational data, and match that with future possible conditions to predict impact scenarios, and then when your decision and strategy is set, will help you align operational efforts to support your business strategy as it evolves in response to the market.

In step with this, we also provide SAS architecture, design, migration, implementation and installation services, ensuring that your investment in our Business Decision Intelligence Services (BUDIS) is backed by the state of the art technology offered by SAS. Combining the strength of SAS 9 Platform technology with our industrial experience in implementing these state of the art business decision intelligence solutions, we offer a one-stop, cost effective, and scalable solution to meet your business decision intelligence needs.