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Online Services

Business Decision Intelligence Services (BUDIS) provides unique and affordable advanced analytics and modelling services.

Our team is skilled in economic and demographic forecasting and modelling, infrastructure planning, land and housing development modelling, benchmarking and metrics for strategic planning, industry economic development modelling plus specialised research and modelling requirements and is able to utilise the best of statistical methods and modelling to turn complex and various data into business decision intelligence, ready for use by Local Government Authorities (LGAs).

No longer a very expensive time consuming exercise available only to large organisations, we can now provide advanced analytics cost effectively to even the smallest of LGAs.

Examples of the data output can range from Excel spreadsheets to visual representation of the data for use in reports, business and community consultation and strategic planning




However: ‘Data doesn’t make decisions, people do...’

For this reason we not only collect, undertake and present the data for your LGA, we also support the understanding for the data and its use for the variety of needs within the LGAs everyday information needs.

Our team is a highly skilled group that ranges in expertise from statistics, to marketing, strategic analysts to Business IT expertise.

The flexibility of the output also allows further “what if” analysis or other work which your LGA may require within the project.

Now all documents from your LGA can be based upon the same single source of data and methodology, thereby enabling reports and information to be consistent and manageable.

Productivity is another major benefit of our service. Instead of taking weeks to access the data, determine how to manipulate it, analyse it and present it within your document, presentation, business case or report, this is now a few days process OR if it is one of the standard reports or previous work we have done for you it is available from your personal “LGACloud”

Through the “LGA Cloud” you can access the data and research behind the model and output, combine previous reports if required or use the same information for one or more reports or presentations.

Our service is flexible, personal, valid and reliable for all your needs.

Now you will have that library of data you have always wanted, cut down the time taken to develop reliable knowledge for decision making, and do so without the expense of specialised software, people and systems changes within the LGA – yet still have all the expertise at your fingertips.


Pressing LGA Issues

Among pressing issues for LGAs are the growing needs for quality decision intelligence data.

Useful data is needed for a variety of reasons:

  1. Strategic planning
  2. Business cases
  3. Community consultations
  4. Government grants
  5. Management of the complexity of social roles
  6. Managing the increasing economic role of local govt
  7. Population
  8. Housing
  9. GDP
  10. Industry
  11. Social Infrastructure

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'Data alone is not enough...'

But quality timely access to the right data plays an essential role for informed decision making.


"'It is not about just having tools and raw data!"

Typical data sources for LGA management may include:

Beyond mere data is the need to make better sense of that data, which is the creation of decision intelligence. BUDIS does this by many processes including forecasting, modelling, metrics, benchmarking and cross variable analysis such as population age groups by social infrastructure. Quality analytics, forecasting and modelling can support forward planning and policy decisions for all social and community needs, including education, aged care, health, town planning, growth initiatives and the like.

'Analyzing data, no matter what tool is being used, is difficult. Whatever the vendors do, it will remain difficult due to the human element of interpretation and action..But it is an activity which, when done well, can be highly beneficial'

'People derive interpretive insight from useful data and a shared dialogue which his critical for planning processes. Faster decision making comes from useful data.

"It's about Taking Action!"

It is people and their judgement, not data itself, that decides on any course of action:

  • Decision intelligence obtained from data helps to generate insights. But insights, no matter how penetrating or how numerous, don’t necessarily dictate any particular decision.
  • A decision is generally made through a deliberative, usually collaborative, process in which insights are translated into arguments and arguments are assessed and weighed.
  • SO Decision Intelligence data plays its role best when it is readily accessible to people to assist the formulation of their insights and arguments, empowering their experience, judgement or instinct.

BUDIS can assist you with the Decision Intelligence that enables you to move quickly and cost-effectively to deciding which course of action is the most appropriate.

Pre-prepared Data Services

BUDIS are able to provide complete and timely data sourced from public, commercial, and LGA sources. What we do is provide pre-consolidated and pre-analysed data sources suitable for everyday Local Government management needs, and then offer specialised additional services and tools for specific local needs. Staff no longer have the onerous task of first identifying the correct data required, and the challenging task of trying to combine that data into a useable format.

Integration of local and internal data.

BUDIS are able to also source local and internal data supplied by customers. Our team will integrate that data with our pre-prepared data sources to provide a complete and localised data solution. This means that when a LGA needs quality data and statistics to support a funding proposal or a council business decision, the intelligence is readily available.

Data enhanced with models, forecasts and statistical analysis

BUDIS delivers additional insights to the supplied external and internal data. Our team delivers this with our statistical analysis and forecasting processes. Our analytic processes then ensure that useful information in the form of Decision Intelligence is readily available to decision makers.

Online Services

Business Decision Intelligence Services (BUDIS) can provide these services cost effectively to LGAs through modern technical innovations, including secure cloud based infrastructure with web or remote interfaces, and optionally combined with user friendly software tools onsite at an LGAs offices to enable the willing to perform additional local analysis and reporting. In turn, LGAs may identify commercial opportunities to supply Online Services through BUDIS on a user-pays basis.


So LGAs now may have the kind of data and analytics, modelling and statistical research that previously only large organisations could both sustain and afford.

With access to BUDIS Online Services, councils obtain timely supply of critical information. Councillors can move quickly into deliberation and decision making so that an LGA may respond confidently and quickly to opportunities before them.

We empower the Decision Makers 'People: the crucial bridge between information and action'

BUDIS delivers the critical Business Decision Intelligence. No LGA is too small to afford it.


Regards,Sally Jones Email BUDIS