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Business Decision Support analysis and solution planning

business-images2Leveraging the experience of strategic corporate consultants in the areas of organizational strategy, structure and process, we analyse your business decision support needs and roadmap the human and technical factors that will deliver a solid plan for delivery of you business decision support solution.





 SAS Strategy Management and Performance Management

Capitalising on our approach which leverages SAS Strategy and Performance Management, the human activities, including decisions, are able to be mapped in direct relation to the decisions made. The connectivity and complex interrelation of decisions can be surfaced transparently in a cost effective manner. The history of the reasoning behind strategic decisions can also be captured and stored for future comparison and decision tuning support.  Communication between people making interrelated business decisions are vitally enriched and decisions can then be better supported and influenced. The near-real-time transparency of decision impact on strategy enables decision complexity across entire businesses to be assessed, tuned and better aligned. Further, business decision impact can be modelled with greater certainty, allowing the business to better “test” decisions beforehand, particularly in large complex organisations.

As a vital part of Business Decision Support, the mapping of decision strategy and its influence of operational behaviours and process by measurement deliver success feedback. Your strategic decisions can then be measured, re-modelled, and adjusted in accordance with your business goals.

Your business decision support solution is able to draw decision making intelligence from both the human factors of business decisions and the hard facts of operational performance.


Data Integration & Business Intelligence

Capitalising on SAS DI Studio and Enterprise BI Solution, we assist businesses in transforming their data into an easy to manage process, empower your manager to make faster and better decision. Our solution can help you in integrating with your enterprise IT infrastructure and unleashing the potential power of data through a state-of-the-art reporting portal.

Business decisions are thereby informed by the hard facts of operational performance.


Customer Analytics

Using SAS Predictive Analytics and Data Mining technology, we help businesses in maximizing their business potential by moving beyond simplistic trend reporting.

Predictive modelling and forecasting provide deeper understanding based on real-world behaviours over time series data. In this way it is possible to more accurately forecast future business and marketing needs. Regarding of your size of business, big or small, our consultant can help you to better understand your data by predicting future outcomes. This is performed by taking historical data and modelling the impact of future changes to predict possible future outcomes. Leveraging SAS Operations Research capability, we are also able to help businesses in optimizing their processes through further scheduling and simulation techniques.


Visual Analytics

SAS Visual Analytics gives you better and faster insight into your business. It is dynamic and non technical, allowing business users to investigate business data at will.

Our consultants can help you to embark on this exciting analytical solution with peace of mind, our trained consultant works closely with SAS to deliver you quality result and user friendly interface that works for everyone.

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Application Support and Migration Services

Managing SAS application and upgrading to a newer SAS version has never been this easy before.

Our trained consultant is fully capable to assist your business in managing the installation or upgrade exercise, and to facilitate in any problem resolution in system upgrade or platform modernization. We serve as a single point of contact to you to ease the entire migration process.

We also offer after migration support or ongoing application support to increase the capability of your team in supporting your custom SAS solutions.